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Arduino development board pcb. V1.4, Includes assembled FR pcb, 12 Volt Power supply, Arduino Mini 5V, CP 2102 programmer, push connectors & 12 spare smd resistors.


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  1. Fiber glass, double sided, copper etched PCB. 115mm x 70mm. Turn slip free heavy duty connectors with strong
    chord grip. Includes ARDUINO mini 5V.
  2. On board speaker & smd indicator lights soldered near all inputs & output allows easy programming without the need
    of physically connecting the load.
  3. Inputs & output pins are programmable using easy to use & learn ARDUINO software, which is available free on the
    internet. Reliable & ready for commercial use instantly.
  4. Very useful for engineers, IT technicians, school/college students & hobbyist. Just connect buttons/sensors program &
    go. No need of jumper wire mess & soldering task.
  5. Two relays onboard allow direct connection of AC or DC for loads up to 5Amp.
    Additional 2-relay modules and 2-Mosfet modules are available for heavy loads.
  6. AC/DC reverse/forward motors can be easily connected through relay connectors. Built in snubber resistors to
    discharge energy and protect relay contacts. This ensures long life of relays.
  7. Each PCB is fully tested & uploaded with standard demo program to confirm working.
    Programs can be erased and re-uploaded by the user any number of times.
  8. Built in fuse and rectifier circuit. Power source can be AC or DC 12 volts. Reverse polarity protected.
  9. Timers may be programmed between each stage of output pins. No more costly electro-mechanical timers required.
  10. Easy to connect Push buttons, ON-OFF/Limit/Float switches and all sensors like – temperature, humidity, flex,
    movement, ultra-sound, light intensity (LDR), PNP proximity, pressure transmitters, infrared/touch sensors, water level
    sensors, voltage/current transducers, energy measurement sensors, etc.
  11. On board connectors for I2C bus, USB TxRx, HMI display connector, IoT (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), 2 relay outputs,
    2 potentiometer outputs for tuning parameters, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs and 5 analog PWM outputs on
    transistor array. ARDUINO mini board and transistor array IC are placed on detachable sockets.
    Such connection facility is not available on other development boards.
  12. All inputs are pulled down for stability. All inputs are protected from electrical surge voltages greater than 5V by
    connecting zeners in parallel. Highly reliable and long life span.
  13. Due to presence of ample number of pins on board, one or more projects can be combined together.
  14. This pcb can replace conventional electronic circuits of water level controllers, automatic operation of glass doors/
    rolling gates/shutters/boom barriers/projector screens, robotics, battery level indicators, inverters, multiple
    alcohol/smoke/LPG detectors, cooling/heating temperature control systems, hydro-pneumatic pressure control
    systems, fire fighting pump and automatic pressure control systems, panic/intruder/fire alarm systems, lighting power
    controls by movement detection, LED controls – dimming/fading/blinking (Mosfet modules available), home/office
    automations, base for remote controlled IR receiver/transmitter models, Real time energy measurement, OL/UL,
    OV/UL voltage fault alarms/shunt tripping, etc.
  15. NOTE: PCB comes with complete hardware assembled on board. Software programs/Sensors/Cables/Wires/Switches
    are not part of the PCB. Software programs are simple to write and to be written and uploaded by the user through
    USB port of computer using free ARDUINO USB programmer.
    For example: To turn ‘ON’ LED at ARDUINO Pin 3, when pin 2 is connected to +5V, just write command:
    if (digitalRead(2)= =HIGH) digitalWrite(3, HIGH); else digitalWrite(3, LOW);
    For example: To blink continuously LED at every one second at pin 5 (place timer), just write command:
    digitalWrite (5, HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrtie (5, LOW);
  16. Above PCB includes free power supply and CP2102 USB programmer.
  17. Also available other assembled quality products: 1. Water level indicator/controller PCB with loaded software, 2.
    DC to DC 2-relay module, 3. +ve TTL voltage triggered 2-relay module, 4. Analog +PWM triggered high power
    RGB 3-Mosfets module, 5. AC to DC low voltage power supply modules with fuse, 6. Pcb with RS485 port, 7.
    Current transformer (0-50AmpAC to 0-10VDC), 8. AC/DC Surge protection devices, 9. Polycarbonate enclosures,
    smd parts, tool kit, float switches, SS-316 grade bolts, accessories & spares used in above PCBs, etc.
    Contact: care@zodiacelectric.com WhatsApp: +91 96531 03569

Additional information

Folded (w/ wheels)

32.5″L x 24″W x 18.5″H

Folded (w/o wheels)

32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

Door Pass Through




Stand Up

35″L x 24″W x 37-45″H(front to back wheel)

Weight (w/o wheels)

20 LBS

Weight Capacity

60 LBS




12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)


Handle height (ground to handle)


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