ZODI Power supply.


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Fiber glass, double sided, copper etched PCB. 115mm x 70mm. Turn slip free heavy duty connectors with strong
chord grip. Includes ARDUINO mini 5V.

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1. Fiber glass, double sided. Copper etched PCB. 60mm x 35mm. Converts AC voltage to DC voltage.
2. Thick traces (tracks) on both side of PCB to carry full load current. Maximum current capacity is 2 Amps.
3. Turn slip free heavy duty connectors with strong chord grip.
4. Each PCB is fully tested for working. Maximum conversion from AC to DC is 24Volts.
5. Includes heavy duty components on the both sides. Built in fuse for overload protection.
6. Low voltage side of AC Transformer is connected to LHS connector, while DC output is available at RHS
connector. Internal circuitry converts low voltage AC power to DC power through rectifier & capacitors.
7. In-built smd indicator light, which lit when rectified DC output is available.
8. Very useful for engineers, IT technicians, school/college students & hobbyist.
9. DC supply is highly reliable compared to SMPS power supply due to long life of copper wound transformers.
10. Built in flywheel diode to discharge energy and protect connected circuits. Highly reliable and long life span.
11. Also available other assembled quality products: 1. PCB with programmable input/output pins for Engineers /
Technicians / Students / Hobbyists, 2. Water level indicator/controller PCB with loaded software, 3. DC to DC 2-relay
module, 4. +ve TTL voltage triggered 2-relay module, 5. Analog +PWM triggered high power RGB 2/3-Mosfet
module, 6. Pcb with RS485 port, 7. Current transformer (0-50AmpAC to 0-10VDC), 8. AC/DC Surge protection
devices, 9. Polycarbonate enclosures, smd parts, tool kit, float switches, SS-316 grade bolts, accessories & spares
used in above PCBs, etc.
Contact: care@zodiacelectric.com WhatsApp: +91 96531 03569

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