ZODI Water Level Controler


3,900.00 inclusive GST.

Fiber glass, double sided, copper etched PCB. 115mm x 70mm. Turn slip free heavy duty connectors with strong
chord grip. Includes ARDUINO mini 5V.

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1. Fiber glass, double sided, copper etched PCB. 120mm x 80mm. Turn slip free heavy duty connectors with strong chord grip.
PCB designed as per International safety standard. 5mm distance maintained between high voltage AC & low voltage DC
traces. AC and DC traces are separated by air slots for further safety.
2. Unlike other conventional water level controllers, this system has some of the unique features, which are given below:
a) Works on two relay method. In conventional system, auto wire is directly connected to the coil of the starter,
while permanently disconnecting inbuilt motor starter wirings of ON button, OFF button & OVERLOAD
THERMAL relay. Thus, the very basic function of ‘overload tripping’ of motor starter is lost. This is
dangerous because motor is allowed to run without any protection, which is illegal as per Line-Load control
regulations. But in our system, power is supplied to the coil through one relay, while starter ‘ON’ contacts are
shorted through other relay. In this way ‘thermal overload tripping’ safety function of the starter always
remains functional. It is necessary to provide motor starter for motors >= 1hp with Overload relay.
In addition to this, our controller offers its own real-time tripping protections from overload & underload!
b) Connectors marked 1 to 11 to be connected as follows: 1 through 3 for AUTO-MANUAL toggle switch, 4 through 9 for
PUMP1/PUMP2 toggle switch and 10 & 11 for 230V power supply of Ammeter/Voltmeter. If only one pump is to
be used, second toggle switch is not required. In this case just short connectors marked ‘6-8’ & ‘7-9’. See block diagram.
c) Connectors marked ‘A1’ & ‘B1’ are connected to one side of coils of motor starters.
Connectors marked ‘A2-A3’ & ‘B2-B3’ is connected in parallel to ‘ON’ switches of respective motor starters.
d) AUTO-MANUAL operation is achieved by shorting & un-shorting connector marked ‘AUTO’ respectively.
e) To set maximum tripping current, first move toggle switch to MANUAL position. Now switch ON the pump manually by
pressing push button on motor starter. While the pump is running, turn POT in clockwise direction till ‘L4’ overload LED
lamp just stops blinking. Now again shift back toggle switch to AUTO mode. In case pump switches OFF (trips due to
overload) automatically, turn POT slightly more in clockwise direction. Now maximum allowable current is set.
Note: 1. In AUTO mode, turning the POT in anti-clockwise direction should STOP motor after 2 seconds with beeps.
2 If pump trips due to under Overload or Underload condition, it shall never restart unless AUTO/MANUAL
toggle switch is shuffled from AUTO to MANUAL position.
f) Small 12 Volts LED indicator lamps are connected to L1 through L6 indicates following operation:
L1& L2 indicates middle & top levels of Lower tank respectively. L5 & L6 indicates middle & top levels of Upper tank
respectively. L3 blinks for underload trip with beep. L4 blinks for overload trip with beep.
g) To prevent deposit of oxide rust on sensor probes (bolts) due to electrolysis, sensor cables are not connected to dc positive

side but to negative pulses. Polarity is reversed at every two seconds to ensure electrolysis free system.

Safe to use as only very low negative voltages are used for detection of water levels.
h) On board speaker to sound alarm when…. 1. Both lower & upper tanks are empty (or sensor cable is faulty),
2. Underload (dry run condition) and 3. Overload (due to phase failure, cable short circuit and other motor issues).
i) Built in ‘delay-ON’ and ‘delay-OFF ‘timers protects pumps from damage arising from frequent STOP-START operations
due to waves in water (In AUTO mode ). No external Electro-mechanical delay timers required.
j) On board snubber resistors to discharge energy and protect relay contacts. This ensures long life of relays.
k) On board surge arrestors at each input pins of sensors to absorb ripples & high voltage surges coming from sensor cables
due to electro-magnetic induction from other parallel high voltage cables. This ensures long life of automation circuitry.
3. A relay on board allows direct connection of small AC/DC load directly to PCB up to 1Amp. (Use terminals A1 or B1).
4. Either Float switches or SS 216 grade metal bolts (all available separately with us separately) may be used as sensors inside
tanks to detect the water levels. See notes alongside the above diagram for connections of sensor probes.
5. In AUTO mode, pump shall operate according to the set level of sensors placed in upper & lower water tanks.
In MANUAL mode, pump may be operated by pressing ‘START/STOP’ press buttons available on pump motor starter unit.
In AUTO mode, Pump starts only when Upper tank is half empty & there is water in Lower tank. Pump stops automatically,
when either upper tank is full or there is no water in Lower tank.
AUTO/MANUAL switch is useful during an emergency when a pump needs to be operated if sensors or cables fail to give
proper feedback of water levels in tank.
Note: Led level indicator functions will be operative as usual irrespective of AUTO or MANUAL modes.
6. To STOP pump in AUTO mode, just move AUTO/MANUAL toggle switch to STOP (center) or MANUAL (down) position.
7. AUTO mode is achieved by simply shorting low voltage terminals marked ‘AUTO’ on pcb. Low voltage on connectors allows
other external devices like – digital/analog – daily/weekly timers, pressure switches & process controllers to be connected in
series in order to limit the operation of pumps at particular time periods. This feature enables users to use the same controller
for automatic hydro- pneumatic pressure/fire/sprinkler control systems.
8. Very easy to install & commission. Useful to Panel manufacturers, technicians, electricians and hobbyists. Just connect
sensor cables & motor starter terminals as per above given block diagram. No need to replace existing sensors/float switches,
cables, enclosures and/or starter. System is very useful for Housing societies, Commercial establishments, Operation of Fire
pump/sprinkler systems, etc.
NOTE: 1. Disconnect power supply before connections. High voltage kills, if a live wire comes in contact with human body.
2. Please check the continuity of all connected power & sensor cables before installation & making circuit live.
9. Each PCB is fully tested & uploaded with standard royalty free demo software. Software program includes – level & load
status indications, automatic start-stop operation at set levels of sensor probes (in Auto mode ), real-time measurement of
currents for overload/underload tripping, to read user settings of maximum allowable current and to sound alarms.
10. For Engineers and software developers there are on board programmable ports for I2C bus, USB TxRx / HMI touch display /
IoT (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth). These ports are useful for linking other devises like display, energy monitoring & remote operations.
11. Water level controller package includes one each – PCB with soldered components, demo software, 12V power supply,
special Current transformer (0-30 Amp to 0-10V), Potentiometer (for tuning maximum allowable overload tripping current),
push type connector with wires to connect sensors and six 12 Volts LED indicator lamps with loop wires.
Extra costs for 1. Assembling complete components with Electronic ammeter/voltmeter in polycarbonate enclosure and/or
2. Installation of controller at site with tailor made components & software package.
(Note: At present on site services are available in Mumbai City limits only).
12. Additional Mosfet modules are available for indication of water levels and sound alarm at remote location using high wattage
LED lamps and dc siren respectively.
13. Also available other assembled quality products: 1. PCB with programmable input/output pins for Engineers / Technicians /
Students / Hobbyists, 2. DC to DC 2-relay module, 3. +ve TTL voltage triggered 2-relay module, 4. AC to DC low
voltage power supply modules with fuse, 5. Pcb with RS485 port, 6. Current transformer (0-50AmpAC to 0-10VDC),
7. AC/DC Surge protection devices, 8. Polycarbonate enclosures, smd parts, tool kit, float switches, electronic timers,
surge arrestors, SS-316 grade bolts, accessories & spares used in above PCBs, etc.
14. All possible support, replacement spares and answers to queries are provided through email.
Contact: care@zodiacelectric.com WhatsApp: +91 96531 03569

Additional information

Handle height (ground to handle)





12″ air / wide track slick tread

Seat back height


Head room (inside canopy)


Weight Capacity

60 LBS

Weight (w/o wheels)

20 LBS

Folded (w/o wheels)

32.5″L x 18.5″W x 16.5″H

Folded (w/ wheels)

32.5″L x 24″W x 18.5″H

Door Pass Through




Stand Up

35″L x 24″W x 37-45″H(front to back wheel)

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